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Alnico deep pot holding magnet With Nickel ,Holding Pot Magnet, Alnico holding magnet

Alnico Pot Magnets
• 450° maximum operating temperature
• Alnico 5 magnet material and mild steel pot
• Natural or painted finish available
• Good corrosion resistance
  • DunBen

Deep pot holding magnet  – Alnico Deep Pots with Nickel coating 

Alnico deep pot  magnet  assemblies are constructed of alnico magnets encased in plated steel bases.They provide a compact, high power magnetic source, and are used for traction, lifting, sorting, clamping and retrieval.


Alnico Pot Magnets can be used in higher temperature applications and where the pull force needs to change as little as possible with temperature variation. Alnico Pot Magnets can also be used in corrosion resistance applications.

Alnico magnets properties:
Produced by the casting or powder metallurgical techniques
An allow composed of matrix of Al-Ni-Fe-Co
Very hard and brittle
Poor resistance to demagnetization
Produce good flux density at a reasonable cost
Excellent stability over a wide temperature range

Code Shell Dimensions(mm) Coating Pull(N)
PAL1-01 Fe37 6 10 2 Ni 2
PAL1-02 Fe37 8 12 3 Ni 3
PAL1-03 Fe37 10 16 6 Ni 8.5
PAL1-04 Fe37 13 18 7 Ni 12
PAL1-05 Fe37 16 20 5 Ni 20
PAL1-06 Fe37 20 25 6 Ni 45
PAL1-07 Fe37 25 30 5 Ni 100
PAL1-08 Fe37 32 35 3 Ni 190
PAL1-09 Fe37 40 45 5 Ni 200
PAL1-10 Fe37 50 50 2 Ni 420

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