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C Series Manual Permanent Magnetic Lifter,Lifting Magnet,Handling Permanent Magnet Lifter,Super Powerful Neodymium Magnetic Lifter,Heavy Duty Lifting Magnet

Neodymium Magnetic Powered System
Compact and lightweight
Apt for Flat & round material
High lift to its weight ratio
Easy operation facilitated with On/Off system
It improves plant safety as there is no direct contact with workers
Huge & heavy work pieces can be moved and handled safely, easily by a single operator
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Permanent Magnetic Lifter
In the permanent magnetic lifter, there is a magetic system formed by Neodymium magnetic materials with strong magnetism. It can control magnetic switch by rotating the handle. The handle on the magnet features a positive lock-on and lock-off mechanism that requires the operator to manually switch between the two states.This prevents the handle from being turned only ”partially on” and giving the operator a false sense of security that the magnet is holding safely, or from being accidentally bumped to the “off” position, dropping the load pre-maturely.
These compact  powerful Rare Earth lift magnets can be used on flat or round surfaces and contain an internal release on/off device that does not contact or damage the surface of the part being lifted. Permanent magnetic lifts eliminate the fear of dropping the load being lifted due to power failures.
1. lnovation design based o the humanity technology has ensured the product will save much more labor force,more convenient and safer.

2. Without the necessity of electricity supply,so the product could still be used when the electricity is off or shortage.There will be no risk when the wiring system has come across any malfunctions.The product could be used in the outdoor applications.
3.With the application of high energy magnetic materials,the product has the features of small in size,low weight and high magnetic force.
4.The product has high safety factor and the maximum pull-out force of the product is as high as 3.5 times of the lifting capacity.
5.V-shape groove has been designed on the bottom of the suction surface.The product could lift round poles and steel plates.


1.Clean the surface of the load, place the lifter in the center of the load and make sure the poles are in full contact with the load. Make sure the weight of the load is no more than the rated value of the lifter.

2.Pull up the handle and rotate the handle to the “ON” position, then release the handle. The security key on the handle will automatically lock the handle.

3.Set the load on the ground or support. Ensure the load is firmly supported and completely in place before releasing the load. 

4.Pull up the handle and rotate completely to the “OFF” position. The lifter is now in the neutral condition, can be taken away from the load. 


1.Please check the easy wearing parts frequently, such as the locking block, handle and loop pin. If they are worn 10% off,     please change them.

2.Please stay the “OFF” condition when not working.

3.Keep the pole surface clean. And treat some oil on the surface of the pole after use to protect it from rust.

4.Ensure the store environment dry, and don’t put them directly on the floor.
magnetic lifterC-chart

Model Rated lifting strength(Kgf) Cylindrical lifting strength(Kgf) Max. pull-off strength(Kgf) L
Operation Temp.() Dead weight(Kg)
PML100C 100 50 350 64 92 67 107 <80 3.0
PML300C 300 150 1050 92 162 91 207 <80 7.5
PML600C 600 300 2100 122 233 118 247 <80 23.0
PML1000C 1000 500 3500 179 268 164 275 <80 55.5
PML2000C 2000 1000 7000 234 378 212 370 <80 125.0


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