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Cast Alnico Rod Magnets Alnico 5 For Sensitive Relays,Magnetic sensors And Transformers

Cast Alnico Rod Magnets :
Material:Cast alnico magnet
Magnetism direction: Customzied Specific Requirements
Tolerance: +/-0.05mm
Application: Sensitive Relays,Magnetic sensors And Transformers,guitar pickup
  • Dunben

Product Details:

Alnico magnets, composed of primarily aluminum, nickel, and cobalt, were developed in the 1940's. This class of magnet remains a preferred material because of it's excellent temperature stability, high magnetic flux density, and resistance to corrosion. Alnico magnets are manufactured through a casting or sintering process. The casting process allows for the magnet to be manufactured into intricate and complex shapes, which are not possible with other magnetic materials.

Cast Alnico Magnets Key Advantages:

· Excellent temperature stability

· Strong corrosion resistance

· Excellent capacity

· High density and magnetic properties

· Shorter production lead time

· Temperature factor of Br is the smallest among all the permanent magnets

· Cast Alnico magnets can be produced in relatively complex shapes

· Tooling for cast Alnico magnets is relatively low, since sand molds are generally used for the casting process.

Alnico Magnet Applications:
Guitar pickups,Separators,Sensors,Radar,Holding magnets,Coin acceptors, Motors,Relays,
Controls, Generators,Receivers,Telephones,Microphones,Bell ringers,Loudspeakers,Security systems etc.

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