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Customized High Magnetic Performance ALNICO long thin bar Permanent Magnet

Permanent Alnico Long Bar /Rod Magnet
Material:Cast alnico magnet
Grade: alnico2,alnico3,alnico5,alnico8,alnico9
Magnetism direction: Customzied Specific Requirements
Tolerance: +/-0.01mm
Length: 300mm
Application: guitar pickup,Instrumentations,Safety Controls,Relays,Sensors and transformers etc.
Product Name AlNiCo magnet / alnico rod magnet / alnico bar magnets
Grade AlNiCo 2/3/5/8/9
Material Cast AlNiCo magnet
Certification ISO/TS16949:2009
Size Customized Magnet Size
Magnetism direction Customzied Specific Requirements
Tolerance +/-0.01mm
keyword AlNiCo magnet
Application guitar pickup,Sensors and transformers,Security  systems ,Relays,Instrumentations,Magnetic switches

alnico rod12 alnico rod14
Size Specifications:

Diameter (MM) Thickness/Height/Length (MM)
1.5-3.0 1.0-25.0
3.0-5.0 1.0-102.0
5.0-30.0 1.0-300.0
30.0-50.0 3.0-300.0
50.0-100.0 5.0-300.0
100.0-260.0 20.0-400.0
Alnico Magnetic Characteristics.pdf

Physical Properties of Cast Alnico
Curie Temperature () 760-890
Max. Operating Temperature () 450-550
Resistivity (μohm.cm) 47-54
Hardness (Hv) 520-630
Density (g/cm⊃3;) 6.90-7.30
Relative Recoil Permeability (μrec) 1.70-4.70
Saturation Field Strength (kOe,kA/m) 2.7-6.3/215-500
Temperature Coefficient of Br (%/) -0.025 ~ -0.02
Temperature Coefficient of iHc (%/) +0.01 ~ +0.03
Cast Alnico Process Chart
Raw material -> forming- >smelting-> heat treatment-> surface treatment->precision grinding->inspection ->packing
Sintered Alnico Process Chart
Raw material ->powder-> forming-> sintered- >heat treatment-> surface treatment->precision grinding –>inspection- >packing
重传alnico process flow


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