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Customized High Quality Permanent AlNiCo5 Block Magnet

Material:Cast alnico magnet
Grade: alnico2,alnico3,alnico5,alnico8,alnico9
Magnetism direction: Customzied Specific Requirements
Tolerance: +/-0.05mm
Application: guitar pickup ,magnetic balance,magnetic chuck, Holding magnet ,Instruments
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Alnico magnets, composed of primarily aluminum (Al), nickel (Ni), and cobalt (Co), were developed in the 1940's. This class of magnet remains a preferred material because of its excellent temperature stability, high magnetic flux density, and resistance to corrosion.

Alnico magnets are manufactured through a casting or sintering process. The casting process allows for the magnet to be manufactured into intricate and complex shapes. Sintered Alnico is made from a powdered mixture of ingredients that are pressed into a die under tons of pressure. The Sintering process allows for the magnets to be manufactured to tighter tolerances and higher mechanical strength.

 Competitive Advantages


1. Advanced techniques in producing long rods 

2. Tight tolerance as +/-0.01mm

3. Dimensional Stability

4. Comparatively high magnetic properties

5. Excellent temperature stability

6. Strong corrosion resistance

7. The maximum working temperature is up to 550°c

8. Excellent capacity

9. High density and magnetic properties

10.Cast AlNiCo magnets can be produced in relatively complex shapes


Size Specifications 

Length (MM)


Height (MM)







block size

Cast Alnico Process Chart
Raw material -> forming- >smelting-> heat treatment-> surface treatment->precision grinding->inspection ->packing
重传alnico process flow

Magnetic applicatons:

Magetic chuck,Balance Weight ,Instruments and meters that require very stable temperature properties such as Watt bour meters, Volt-amp meters, Medical instruments, Industrial motors, Magnetic reed switches, Generators, Hand tools and Vending machines etc.



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