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Customized OEM Permanent Cast Ring AlNiCo8 Magnet With Good Corrosion Resistance

Material:Cast alnico magnet
Grade: alnico8
Magnetism direction: Customzied Specific Requirements
Tolerance: +/-0.1mm
Application: automobile parts, instrumentation, electroacoustics, motor, teaching and aerospace military, etc
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 Permanent CastAlNiCo Magnet :
1. Certification: Products are manufactured according to ISO9001 quality system.
2. Properties:
High energies and relatively low coercivity.
Excellent ability to withstand extreme temperatures stability.
High working temp: 450-550 degree
Good corrosion resistance.
High mechanical strength.
3. Shapes: Various kinds or according to customers' requests
4. Grades:  AlNiCo8
5. Applications: measuring instruments, flywheel generators and sensors, stepping motor and relays, flow and AVO meter, odometer of automobile and motorcycle, buzzer of mobile phone and so on.

Cast Alnico Magnets Features:

· Excellent temperature stability

· Strong corrosion resistance

· Excellent capacity

· High density and magnetic properties

· Shorter production lead time

· Temperature factor of Br is the smallest among all the permanent magnets

· Cast Alnico magnets can be produced in relatively complex shapes

     · Tooling for cast Alnico magnets is relatively low, since sand molds are generally used for the casting process.  
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Cast Alnico Process Chart
Raw material -> forming- >smelting-> heat treatment-> surface treatment->precision grinding->inspection ->packing
重传alnico process flow



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