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High Permanent Rare Earth Arc sintered SmCo Magnet for Motor

Smco magnet Info:
Material :Sm1Co5/ Sm2Co17
Manufacturing process: sintering
High magnetic performance - up to about 32MGOe.
Shape: segment,arc
Certification : ISO 9001: 2008,ROHS,SGS
Delivery Time :15-30 working days for prototype or batch accordingly
Product Description:
What is SmCo Magnet ?    
SmCo magnet is a rare earth metal samarium and cobalt-based strategy elements, with iron, copper, zirconium, praseodymium and other metal materials ratio of melting into the alloy.
Grinding, pressing, sintering and aging made the SmCo magnet with higher magnetic properties (high energy product, high coercivity, high remanence).

smco process flow

What's features smco magnet has?  

SmCo Magnet has very low temperature coefficient (-0.030% / °C), high temperature (maximum temperature is 350 °C), the working temperature above 180 °C.
SmCo Magnet also has the maximum energy product.
SmCo Magnet's temperature stability and chemical stability are better than NdFeB material.
SmCo Magnet also has a strong anti-corrosion and oxidation resistance.

What's SmCo Magnet grade:

smco magnet property2

Where is the application of samarium cobalt magnet field?
SMCO applicatons1



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