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High Quality Cast AlNiCo Rod Permanent Magnets Of Alnico 5 / LNG40 / LNG37 / LNG44

High Quality Cast AlNiCo Rod Permanent Magnets:
Material:Cast alnico magnet
Grade: alnico2,alnico3,alnico5,alnico8,alnico9
Magnetism direction: Customzied Specific Requirements
Tolerance: +/-0.05mm
Application: guitar pickup,Sensors and transformers,Security systems etc.
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Aluminum Nickel Cobalt (AlNiCo) ,
as its name implies, is an iron alloy included aluminum (Al 8-12%), nickel (Ni 15-26%), cobalt (Co 5-24%) and small amounts of other metals elements that can enhance magnetic force (Cu 6%; Ti 1%; the rest Fe).

AlNiCo alloy material is very hard and brittle which can’t be made by cold work. Don’t worry; cast or sinteredtechnology can solve this problem perfectly.
Permanent alnico magnets have high Curie temperature and extremely low reversible temperature coefficient -0.02%/allowing for excellent stability over a wide temperature range.

Alnico is also high corrosion resistant. No coating required in all our last orders with customer. Only some alnico magnets as teaching tool need paint red or blue color to identity south or North Pole

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Performance of Cast AlNiCo Magnets

Grade Br
KGs (Mt)
Oe (KA/m)
α %/°C
Br (Hcj)
LNG37 12.0(1200) 600 (48) 4.65 (37.0) 7.3 Alnico5 -0.02(+0.03) 860 525
LNG40 12.5(1250) 600 (48) 5.00 (40.0) 7.3 Alnico5 -0.02(+0.03) 860 525
LNG44 12.5(1250) 650 (52) 5.50 (44.0) 7.3 Alnico5 -0.02(+0.03) 860 525
LNG48 12.5(1250) 650 (52) 6.00 (48.0) 7.3 Alnico5DG -0.02(+0.03) 860 525

Alnico Magnets Compared with other permanent magnets:

Material Item NdFeB SmCo AlNiCo Ferrite
Magnetic Energy 30-52 MGOe           16-32 MGOe 1.2-10 MGOe 1-3.5 MGOe           
Max Working Temp. 80-200°C 350°C 550°C 250°C
Production Method Sintered Sintered Cast or Sintered Sintered
Surface Coating Yes No No No
Machining Property Middle Low Middle Low
Cost High High Middle Low
Main Application Motor, Speaker, 
Meter, Sensor, 
MRI, Separator, 
Motor, Sensor, 
Medical instrument, 
Musical instrument, 
Speaker, Meter, 
Motor, etc.
Motor, Speaker,    
Toy, Craft, e

Key Advantages of Cast Alnico Magnets:


· Excellent temperature stability

· Strong corrosion resistance

· Excellent capacity

· High density and magnetic properties

· Shorter production lead time

· Temperature factor of Br is the smallest among all the permanent magnets

· Cast Alnico magnets can be produced in relatively complex shapes

· Tooling for cast Alnico magnets is relatively low, since sand molds are   generally used for the casting process.

Magnetic Application:

Electric motors, guitar pickups, microphones, sensors, and engineering applications, traveling wave tubes, cow magnet, meters, bearings, aerospace applications, education, holding, heat treatment jigs and recovery and so on.

Cast Alnico Process Chart
Raw material -> forming- >smelting-> heat treatment-> surface treatment->precision grinding->inspection ->packing
重传alnico process flow


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