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Magnetic Motor Parts


Magnetic Motor Parts-OUTER ROTOR 

Magnetic Motor Parts ,which are made from segment magnets glued to the inside or outside the steel sleeve, is a important part of motors named Rotor. These motor parts are widely used in stepping motors ,BLDC motors, PM motors and other motor application. 

There are two basic motor rotor designs: DK series-outer rotor and DZ series-inner rotor.

In the DK series, the segment magnets are glued to the inside of steel sleeve.  It rotates surround the stators and acts as an insulator. The primary advantage of an outer rotor motor is relatively lower cogging torque.

Model House Magnet
OD mm L mm Material Poles number
DK66 66 101.6 NdFeB 6
DK26 26.1 45.2 SmCo 2
DK30 30 30 SmCo 2
DK32 32 42.8 SmCo 2
DK32A 32 42.8 SmCo 2
DK82 82 148.39 Ferrite 2
DK90 90 161.47 Ferrite 2
We can also design according to your requirements.


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