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Magnetic Name Badges, Magnetic Name Tags, Name Badge Magnetic Attachments, Name Badge Magnets, Magnetic Badge Holders

Size: Customized
Color: the color is optional )
Material: Plastic or Metal and neodymium disc small magnet
Application:Can be easily attach it to your name badge, business card , or anything else which you want to attach to clothes, bags or others.

Magnetic Name Badges Features:
Magnetic Name badge holder can be used to hold many size of ID cards or name tags.Two pieces permanent magnet set can be attach direactly to clothing, do not need any pins, clips. To avoid the damage of your clothing,whatever the shirts, jacket or thick outerwear.

Magnetic name tag is a kind of tag made of magnetic materials.

Magnetic name tag is a perfect substitute for paper name tag in terms of environmental protection.
As magnetic name tags work, making use of the attraction of magnet, people can re use them each time when they take off them from the surfaces where they used to be attached on.

Name badge magnetic attachments are perfect for suits or expensive clothing that you don’t want to be damaged,these badges offer great option for visitors,employees and other frequent wearers of identification.

Name badge magnetic attachments are excellent for fastening badge to garments which can not hold a pin without damage to the garment.Magnets are also superb for instances where there is short term use with frequent attachment.

Magnetic badge holders help protect your badge from daily wear while allowing the card to be clearly visible. Magnetic badge holders are extremely versatile as they do not require any additional supplies to attach or hold your badge in place.

Magnetic name tag is widely used to present an employee's name, company logo and business trade mark can be easily made on it.

List of our badges:
磁性胸牌name badge1

How Magnetic Badge Holders Work?
Our rare-earth magnetic badge fasteners are crafted from the highest quality neodymium in the world. This means that your neo magnet name badge stays firmly in place through almost any material, even outerwear. The permanent magnets naturally adhere to the steel badge plates through your shirt or jacket lapel. For aluminum badge plates, we include a complimentary adhesive steel piece that sticks to the back of your badge plate and attracts the magnetic badge fastener.


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