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Manufacture Customized High Magnetic Alnico Magnet Of High Temperature Resistance

Material:Cast alnico magnet
Grade: alnico 2-alnico 9
Size:Typical dimensions and customized
Magnetism direction: Customized Specific Requirements
Tolerances: Cast surface +/-0.38-+/-0.5 mm
Ground surface +/-0.01-+/-0.1 mm

Aluminum Nickel Cobalt (AlNiCo) Magnet - 0.02%/℃ Lowest Reversible Temp. Coefficient & 550℃ High Working Temp.

Alnico magnets are produced by either a sintering method or, more commonly, a casting method. Alnico is an alloy containing Aluminium, Nickel, Cobalt, Iron and Copper. It is a hard yet brittle magnet which is very difficult to machine or drill and is not recommended for structural use. The as cast or as sintered shape is acceptable for many applications but surfaces may be precision ground for a smoother surface finish with tighter tolerances although this will increase cost. As the magnets are sintered or cast, small quantity production runs are generally not possible or, if done, may contain significant tooling charges and minimum quantity requests (casting requires sand molds to be made, sintering requires die presses to be made). The standard grade is Alnico 5 although other grades are available which we can offer as part of our bespoke magnet service. Cast Alnico magnets may have very small air holes in their structure – this is normal and cannot be avoided. Sintered Alnico magnets do not have holes in the structure.

Alnico Magnets are widely used in these fields include electric motors, guitar pickups, microphones, sensors, and engineering applications, traveling wave tubes, cow magnet, meters, bearings, aerospace applications, education, holding, heat treatment jigs and recovery and so on.

Alnico Magnets are the weakest of permanent magnets however they have excellent temperature stability and very good non-corrosiveness.Their mechanical strength is greater than either Neodymium or Ferrite.

Alnico magnets properties:
Produced by the casting or powder metallurgical techniques
An allow composed of matrix of Al-Ni-Fe-Co
Very hard and brittle
Poor resistance to demagnetization
Produce good flux density at a reasonable cost
Excellent stability over a wide temperature range

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Cast Alnico Process Chart

Raw material -> forming- >smelting-> heat treatment-> surface treatment->precision grinding->inspection ->packing
Sintered Alnico Process Chart
Raw material ->powder-> forming-> sintered- >heat treatment-> surface treatment->precision grinding –>inspection- >packing
重传alnico process flow
 Alnico Magnetic Characteristics.pdf



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