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Metal Name Badges Magnet Caution Magnetic Holder, Magnetic Badge Holder, Magnetic Name Tags, Steel Name Badge Magnetic Attachments

Size: 45.0L*13.0W *6(mm)
Material: steel With 3 strong disc neodymium magnets
Applying the badge fastener is easy, simply remove the protective tape and stick the metal plate to your name badge.
Product Features:
Name badge magnet is consist of two parts, the outer part of Name magnet for badges is a nickel-plated steel or plastic which is with double-sided foam tape attached. Peel the covering from the tape and attach it to your name badge, business card, jewelry, or anything else you plan to attach to your clothing. The inner part of magnet for badges holder is also a nickel-plated steel which is with two or three pieces our strong neodymium magnets attached.
Magnetic name magnet for badges fastener provides a professional way of displaying name badges and identification without damaging your clothing. Magnetic name badge holder is with strong magnet and metal molded, which allows the tag to be easily clipped onto your shirt or suit without the damaging effects of pins or clips. Magnetic name tags are perfect for suits or expensive clothing which you may like very much and you don’t want to be damaged. With strong permanent Neodymium magnets attached, the magnetic id badge holder can be used over and over again, therefore it is also called as reusable magnetic name badge.

List of our badges:
1.One type is the steel magnetic badge fastener, which consists of 2 or 3 pieces NiCuNi plated strong Neodymium Magnets and Nickel plated steel Metal, the size is about 45 x 13 x 6mm.
2.The other type is plastic magnetic badge fastener, which is also called as 3 Comb Green Badge Magnet. Each set plastic magnetic badge fastener consists of two parts, one part is the magnet bar and the other is the metal bar. The magnet bar has three pieces strong Neodymium magnets, the metal bar is nickel-plated steel with double-sided foam tape attached.

We can also produce magnetic name badges( magnetic name tag) upon your requirements
name badge1

How Magnetic Badge Holders Work?
Our rare earth magnetic badge fasteners are crafted from the highest quality neodymium in the world. This means that your neo magnet name badge stays firmly in place through almost any material, even outerwear. The permanent magnets naturally adhere to the steel badge plates through your shirt or jacket lapel. For aluminum badge plates, we include a complimentary adhesive steel piece that sticks to the back of your badge plate and attracts the magnetic badge fastener.




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