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Metallurgy industries rare earth grate magnet ,double layer magnetic grill ,high strength magnetic grate

rare earth grate magnet double layer magnetic grill high strength magnetic grate:
Material: SS304 or SS316 stainless steel tube+ Ceremic/ NdFeB magnet
Size: DIA22mm
Production Time:5-25 days
Surface Gauss: 9000gauss
Advantage:Super magnetic force, No pollution, Small resistance
Characteristic:Corrosion-resistant, high temperature

Magnetic Grate/Magnetic Grill/Magnetic Filter made of stainless steel tube and strong magnetic ndfeb rare earth materials with the special method, to fix the stainless steel tube and ndfeb on the filter, that is magnetic filter. When the iron material through it, also with magnetic force attraction, the iron material is adsorbed to the tube wall. Good adsorption capacity keep equipment and product more safety. 

Magnetic filter mainly use for cleaning Ferromagnetic impurities in the liquid or other raw materials.It is widely used in ceramic, electronic power, mining, plastic, chemical, rubber, pharmacy, food, environment, pigment, dye, electron and metallurgy industries.

Product Features:

1.304 or 316L stainless steel are available for pipeline material which have a good corrosion resisting property without and less pollution.

2.Standard magnetic grates are assembled with stainless steel frame and magnetic bars with a length of 25 mm diameter.

3.Small resistance, not harmful to environment.
4.Briefness structure, easy to install.
5.The surface of the frame and magnetic bar can be fine polished and meet the standard of food or pharmacy industry.

6.Standard working temperature≤80℃, and maximum working temperature can reach 350℃ as required.

7.Corrosion resistance, surface guass can reach from 4000GS to 12000GS.

8.Normal (N style), Easy-cleaning (E style), grate with angle baffles or rod are available.

Product Applications:

Plastics, food, environmental protection, filtration, chemical, power, building materials, building ceramics, medicine, powder, mining, coal and other industries.

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