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Micro DC Motor Magnet Neodymium arc magnet

Material: Sintered Neodymium-Iron-Boron.
Size: Arc,Segment,Tile . We can do other shapes as your requested
Magnetic property: From N35 to N52, 35M to 50M, 35H t 48H, 33SH to 45SH, 30UH to 40UH, 30EH to 38EH;
Coating: Zn, Nickle, silver, gold, epoxy and so on.
The Max Work Temp: from 80C°to 200C°.
Application: sensors, speakers, brushless motor, DC motor, Step motor, wind turbine/wind generator, magntic hooks, magnetic filter, cup magnet, Automobiles, magnetic coupling, magnetic chuch, permanent magnetic lift, and so on.
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Dunben Magnet Co.,Ltd is specialized in manufacturing a variety of arc magnets applied in different applications. We have advanced production technology, rich production experience and professional engineering technicians in this field. Please just feel free to send us an enquiry if you are looking for neodymium arc magnets, segment magnets, motor magnets or related magnets. 

Product Description:
The Nd-Fe-B permanent magnets, which are called the next centurial magnets, are used in a wide range of industries including computer, automobile, electric machinary, electro-sound devices, automatic control, magnetic force mechanism, microwave commnication, petrochemical industry, medical apparatus and equipment. The magnets are the ideal materials for the subminiature magnetic devices with high function.

Product Feature:

1.Higher unit magnetic properties than other magnet and assure you of smaller size and lighter weight in designing devices. 
2.Being mostly an iron based alloy, NdFeB type rare earth magnet is much more prone to surface oxidation or rust. To eliminate such a problem, the user should consider magnet coating, plating, or suitable surface treatment. 
3.Being less prone to chipping during handing 
4.Lower temperature coefficient of magnetic properties than ceramic but higher than SmCo type rare earth magnet. Therefore, this NdFeB type rare earth magnet will suffer irreversible loss at high temperature
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Product Application:
The main application for arc segment magnets is in motors or generators, either for rotors or stators. DC motors,electric car motor, Linear Motors,Various Motors, Electric Motor, Motor generator, Cleaning machine,  Wind turbine generator. Micro special motors, Voice coil motors (VCM), Various motors, Electric motorcycle, Wind turbine generator. Micro motors, Voice coil motors (VCM), Step motors, Geared down motors.
Type of Coating of Permanent Neodymium Magnet

Nickel, NiCuNi, Zn, Gold, Silver, Copper, Epoxy, Sn,Au,Ag,Chemical, PTFE, Parylene, Everlube, Passivation and so on.  
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Direction of magnetization of  Permanent Neodymium Magnet
*  Thickness Magnetized
*  Axially Magnetized
*  Diametrally Magnetized
*  Multi-poles magnetized
*  Radial Magnetized




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