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N42 Rectangle Neodymium Magnet with two countersunk hole

Strong Neodymium Magnet Block
Material: sintered neodymium magnet
Grade: N42
Coating: Zinc, Ni, gold
Size: Customized Size
  • DunBen

About Neodymium Magnets:

Neodymium magnet is one of rare earth permanent magnets. Neodymium magnet is also known as NdFeB magnet, or neo rare earth magnet. Since it's very strong, people also simply call it super strong magnet or super powerful magnet. The major elements of this magnet include neodymium (Nd), iron (Fe) and boron (B), or NdFeB.

A) High energy
B) Very high Hc and Hci output
C) More economical than SmCo

D) Wonderful performance at ambient temperature

A) Working temperature is below 200oC
B) Prone to oxidation than other magnet alloys

Widely used in 
used for bag, cover, various motors, generators, holding magnet, cleaning machines,wind-turbine, etc.

The specification(dimension) of magnet can be customized according to

client's requests and design.


ndfeb characteristics.pdf
ndfeb coating.jpg ndfeb flow


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