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Powerful Holding Cast Alnico Magnet , Separator Magnet

Alnico Separator Magnets:
Material:Cast alnico 5 magnet
Grade: alnico5
Application: separator
  • DunBen

Product Details:

Alnico magnets, composed of primarily aluminum, nickel, and cobalt, were developed in the 1940's. This class of magnet remains a preferred material because of it's excellent temperature stability, high magnetic flux density, and resistance to corrosion. Alnico magnets are manufactured through a casting or sintering process. The casting process allows for the magnet to be manufactured into intricate and complex shapes, which are not possible with other magnetic materials.

Product Characteristics:

1. Comparatively high magnetic properties

2. Horseshoe Orientation

3. Keepered with iron sheet Nickle or Zinc coated

Competitive Advantage:


1. High Temperature resistance

2. Comparatively high magnetic properties

3. Dimensional Stability

The Alnico separator magnets can be offered in other dimensions . We can supply custom made separator magnets.

If you are in any doubt about the choice of Alnico magnet, its size or need technical assistance. And if you need a quotation for higher quantities of Alnico or a custom Alnico magnet shape or Alnico assembly, please contact us.

alnico separator magnet draw
Cast Alnico Process Chart
Raw material -> forming- >smelting-> heat treatment-> surface treatment->precision grinding->inspection ->packing

重传alnico process flow


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