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Rare Earth Permanent SmCo Arc Magnets with RoHS North Pole Marked

smco magnet info:
Material: Sm2Co17 or Sm1Co5
Shape: Arc Samamium Cobalt Magnets
Certificate : Iso9001:2008,SGS,ROHS
Tolerance : +/- 0.05mm
Application: Speaker Magnet, Industrial Magnet, Jewelry Magnet, Solenoid, Motor Magnet, Military
Delivery time: 7-30 working days for prototype or batch accordingly
Rare Earth Permanent SmCo Arc Magnets with RoHS
samarium-cobalt (SmCo) magnet, a type of rare earth magnet, is a strong permanent magnet made of an alloy of samarium and cobalt.

They are generally ranked similarly in strength to neodymium magnets, but have higher temperature ratings and higher coercivity.

samarium-cobalt (SmCo) magnets are brittle, and prone to cracking and chipping. Samarium-cobalt magnets have maximum energy products (BHmax) that range from 16 megagauss-oersteds (MGOe) to 33 MGOe, approx. 128 kJ/m3 to 264 kJ/m3; their theoretical limit is 34 MGOe, about 272 kJ/m3.

smco Characteristics.pdf
SmCo Magnet (Sintered SmCo Magnet) Features:

Samarium cobalt magnets are hard and brittle and may chip or break if dropped.
They have high magnetic properties
Samarium cobalt magnets offer good thermal stability
Samarium cobalt magnets are resistant to corrosion
Samarium cobalt magnets resistant to demagnetization
Samarium cobalt magnets Advantages:
Extremely resistant to demagnetization
high temperature stability (max operating temperatures between 250 °C (523 K) and 550 °C (823 K); Curie temperatures from 700 °C (973 K) to 800 °C (1,070 K)
Expensive and subject to price fluctuations (cobalt is market price sensitive)

Samarium cobalt magnets Disadvantages:
Samarium cobalt magnets can easily chip; eye protection must be worn when handling them.
Allowing magnets to snap together can cause the magnets to shatter, which can cause a potential hazard.

Comparison between neodymium and samarium cobalt
Property Neodymium Sm-Co
Remanence (T) 1-1.3 0.82-1.16
Coercivity (MA/m) 0.875-1.99 0.493-1.59
Relative permeability 1.05 1.05
Temperature coefficient of remanence (%/K) 0.12 0.03
Temperature coefficient of coercivity (%/K) 0.55..-0.65 0.15..-0.30
Curie temperature (°C) 320 800
Density (g/cm3) 7.3-7.5 8.2-8.4
CTE, magnetizing direction (1/K) 5.2×106 5.2×106
CTE, normal to magnetizing direction (1/K) 0.8×106 11×106
Flexural strength (N/mm2) 250 150
Compressive strength (N/mm2) 1100 800
Tensile strength (N/mm2) 75 35
Vickers hardness (HV) 550-650 500-650
Electrical resistivity (Ω·cm) (110-170)×106 86×106 

SmCo magnets are manufactured process:
smco process flow


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