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Red Bridge U Shape Minor Alnico Horseshoes Magnets

Minor Alnico Horseshoes Magnets:
Material:Cast Alnico 5
Shape: U shape or Horseshoes
Lead Time:25-30days
  • DunBen

Alnico horseshoe magnets are capable of operating at temperatures of up to a maximum of  550 degrees C. The Alnico horseshoe magnets are supplied in natural (uncoated / unpainted) and red paint finishes.
The alnico horseshoe magnet is a classic alnico magnet shape. Sometimes the Alnico horseshoe magnet is called a C-shape magnet and is also known as a pocket Alnico horseshoe magnet, a minor Alnico horseshoe magnet, and a power Alnico horseshoe magnet. they are all Alnico horseshoe magnets but have different sizes and performances.All of these horseshoes magnets are Cast Alnico, and usually go with a Zinc plated steel keeper.


alnico mini horseshoe draw

PartNo A B C D E F Weight Min Pull(N) Painted
HS5901 12.7 7.92 4.75 3.48 4 4.72 0.003kg 2 Red
HS5902 19.05 12.7 6.35 4.75 6.35 6.35 0.0095kg 9 Red
HS5903 25.4 15.88 7.92 6.48 7.94 9.53 0.020kg 27 Red
HS5904 31.75 19.05 10.3 6.35 10.33 11 0.040kg 44 Red
HS5905 38.1 22.23 12.7 7.62 12.7 12.7 0.0695kg 53 Red
HS5906 44.45 26.97 19.05 12.75 12.7 19.05 0.136kg 112 Red

If you are in any doubt about the choice of Alnico magnet, its size or need technical assistance, please contact us for assistance. And if you need a quotation for higher quantities of Alnico or a custom Alnico magnet shape or Alnico assembly, please contact us.


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