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Samarium Cobalt Magnet Rare Earth Iron Permanent Magnets

SmCo magnet Info:
Material: SmCo1:5 ,SmCo2:17
Shape:Segment , Arc
Specification:ISO9001,ROHS, SGS
Application:Computer disc drives, sensors, traveling wave tubes, linear actuators, satellite systems, motors where temporary stability is vital.
Product Description
Samarium Cobalt (SmCo) magnets, of the Rare Earth class, have been available since the early 1970's.
These magnets possess very high magnetic properties, excellent thermal stability, while remaining resistant to corrosion. These characteristics make SmCo magnets ideal for applications requiring a resistance to wide-ranging temperatures and environments. 

SmCo magnets are manufactured by sintering or compression bonding. They are anisotropic and can only be magnetized in the direction of orientation. In general, magnetizing fields of approximately 30 to 45KOe are required to saturate SmCo magnets.

Sintered SmCo Magnet Feature:
1) Size: customized
2) Very high magnetic properties with good stability
3) Superior resistance to high temperature
4) Curie temperature of majority is over 800oC
4) Excellent corrosion resistance capability
5) No coating is needed for surface protection.


Sintered SmCo is widely used in motors, watch, transducers, instruments, positional detector, generators, radar communications, medical equipments, various magnetism spreading devices, magnetic processor, electrical engineering and magnetic derrick.

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